Lifecycle Management

By linking technology with best practices, ALDON’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) provides a single point of control over every stage of the application development lifecycle, integrating requirements management, modeling, development, software configuration management, change management testing and deployment. By enforcing and blending processes across every stage and are of the application lifecycle, ALM provides capabilities key to building robust, bug-free SW within time and budget limits.

Application Change Management is a core component of ALDON’s ALM, controlling all change areas including change request management, version control, configuration management, build management and deployment, thus enabling IT and business to respond in unison to market pressures in time and within budget.

Application Change Management takes over where other simple, single-function version control products of the past left off by providing greater accountability and requirements management, keener insight into all areas of the development process, increased automation and highly coordinated management of multi-team development. These features minimize errors significantly, thus enhancing productivity and quality while increasing ROI.

 Most companies, especially large ones, rely today on complex multi-platform IT environments that present equally complex SW distribution and deployment challenges.  ALDON’s Deployment Manager deploys all necessary components to the appropriate target locations throughout the development lifecycle. At each lifecycle stage, it gathers, packages, distributes and installs application components, providing at the same time a management console via which users can track and manage the distribution process.


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