SpoolArchive/400 is an integrated archiving system for the spool files of the System i (AS/400). With SpoolArchive/400, Spool files from one or more output queues may be stored on the disk manually or automatically for later dynamic retrieval based on archive date and/or pre-defined key field values, for reviewing on the screen and/or re-printing.

SpoolArchive/400 is a very easy to use tool even by non-technical users. Archiving is usually performed automatically with no user intervention. Even manual archiving is as simple as storing a file to a folder in PC Windows. Dynamic spool file retrieval is similarly a simple task to perform.

Everything is an object in the System i but spool files. As such they are difficult to be retrieved and saved, a fact that renders them insecure against a system failure. SpoolArchive/400 converts them to regular object type status to overcome these deficiencies

With SpoolArchive/400, erroneously deleted spool files may easily be retrieved provided they were generically set for automatic archiving selection upon their entrance on their corresponding output queues.

SpoolArchive/400 requires no change in the existing printing applications. The rules of spool files selection for automatic archiving are set once and apply for all future documents of these categories. One or more key fields may be defined on each spool file category to become selection criteria for later dynamic retrieval (e.g. retrieve all archived invoices of Customer No. 123456 etc).  Security rules are also applicable so that only authorized users may have access to one or more archived document categories.

At the same time easy to use Export/Import facilities enable offloading expensive disk storage to cheaper offline media, saving old spool files for possible future use.

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