A Recycle bin for the AS/400 platform at last!

The legendary IBM AS/400 family, despite its unstable system names (last known as System i, now merged in Power Systems), offers a far-sighted, highly scalable and virus resistant architecture with a proven reputation for exceptional business resiliency and overall system robustness, all unique characteristics that enable it to evolve with technology and thus to enjoy its longevity, surviving since 1988 over all its original competitors!

But it has also received a lot of criticism about its poor user friendliness compared even to the lesser PC, lacking a native GUI environment, office type products or simple yet practical tools, such as a handy Recycle bin.

Well, no more criticism for the last complaint at least! ONLINE has developed a powerful Recycle bin for the AS/400 platform that may recover deleted items like spool files (that even PCs cannot), source members, files or even whole libraries, with all authorities preserved!

So if a user deletes accidentally any such item, the new UNDO command suffices to handily retrieve it in place! Specifically for source members, there is an option to automatically retain the previous version prior to SEU update, enabling users to revert if necessary to the “before” version of updated programs, file descriptions or text.

With the existence of this protective net, the users are now encouraged to delete more often and freely various practically unnecessary items (especially spool files) that they use to keep for “just in case” purpose, a good deletion practice that results in shorter and easier to use output queues or object lists and saving disk space at the end.

The users can review and/or recover one or more of their last 34 deleted items in the current interactive session. The RecycleBINi administrator and/or QSECOFR may view/retrieve any user’s deleted item still in the bin, providing an additional auditing function that offers visibility of who deleted what, when and where from!

There is provision for full/ partial, manual/automatic Recycle bin clearance for freeing disk space, with the option to log deleted items’ information in an audit list or file.

Thus, the RecycleBINi renders the System i more user friendly, forgiving and auditable, also saving disk space by a centralized trash management system.

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