Disaster Recovery

Our Windows, Linux, AIX and IBM i disaster recovery solutions not only protect critical information and recover lost data in a fraction of the time and effort of traditional tape backup solutions, they give you unmatched recovery flexibility and features that save you time and hassle. Protect against site-loss disasters or quickly recover a corrupted file. Replicate to physical or virtual servers. Run batch workloads using your replica data, not your production system. These solutions are robust, flexible and proven in thousands of locations worldwide.

  Double-Take RecoverNow
Double-Take Cloud
Double-Take RecoverNow Double-Take RecoverNow MIMIX RecoverNow


  • Double-Take RecoverNow continuously protects Windows operating systems, data, and applications with disk-to-disk backup and fast, efficient recovery. Works across your WAN or any other IP network, with either physical servers or Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESX platforms as recovery targets. With its CDP, Archiving and Data Deduplication features, Double-Take RecoverNow provides unsurpassed protection and resilience.
  • Double-Take RecoverNow for Linux provides affordable replication and failover protection for physical or virtual servers in RedHat, Novell SuSE and CentOS environments. Using real-time data capture and replication over IP to any location, from in house to the next city or across the globe, Double-Take RecoverNow is flexible, full featured and efficient, and easily scales from focused, local environments to enterprise computing.
  • Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX is true Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that delivers any point-in-time data recovery at the push of a button. Instantly reverse accidental or malicious data corruption without the time/labor required for recovery from tape. Full-featured and robust, Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX goes beyond DR, simplifying system and data management tasks and allowing workloads to utilize the backup data set.
  •  MIMIX RecoverNow is powerful Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that automatically captures IBM i transaction and object changes, saving them on local or remote storage devices you already have, including IBM i, AIX, Windows, Linux, HP/UX, or other UNIX disks. Whether you need to recover from damage to a single object or file, or restore your entire system, MIMIX RecoverNow enables you to bring back data and objects to near the point of failure, or to any point in time after your last tape save.
  • Double-Take Cloud combines the simplicity of full-server backup technology to the cloud, with the assurance of the market’s most trusted and comprehensive backup and disaster recovery software. Double-Take Cloud replicates changes to your data in real-time and stores them in the dependable and secure Amazon EC2 Cloud Infrastructure.
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