StarQuery Suite

StarQuery Suite
 An award winning Business Intelligence solution that makes it easy to query any type of relational database using the most preferred and familiar environment of Microsoft Excel or the free Open Office Calc. StarQuery delivers a variety of reporting architectures, including two-dimensional ad-hoc reports and multi-dimensional user-defined reports. StarQuery is complemented by a host of powerful modules that allow automatic report creation, reports on the web and distribution as well connectivity to specific ERP systems, such as JD Edwards, Infor, BPCS, MAPICS, etc.

The StarQuery Suite comprises of the following modules:

How does StarQuery Works – in 4 easy steps

Step 1
An administrator selects which data end-users have access to and creates easy to understand business views

Step 2
End-users then create their own query, adding the fields and conditions they wish to see in their final report

Step 3
One click sends the report into Excel for easy analysis with table formats, subtotals, pivot tables & charts added automatically

Step 4
Schedule the creation and distribution of reports 24/7, without human intervention or simply make them available over the web to allow for anytime & anywhere access

What can StarQuery Suite do for your enterprise?

  • Give users access to Real Time reports for better decision making
  • Analyze, compare and drill-down your data for a detailed business report
  • Receive up-to-date pre-formatted reports with just a click of a button
  • Produce reports in the most preferred and commonly used PC format – MS Excel for easy analysis
  • Create multi-dimensional reports which users can navigate through – drill down and drill side-ways
  • Automatically distribute reports specific to a distribution list or group
  • Reduce the IT department workload; however retain control on the data being accessed
  • Empower business users let them generate their reports
  • Simple and Rapid Deployment for increased ROI and reduced payback times
  • Seamless integration with Excel & Easy to use graphical interface
  • Schedule the execution and distribution of your reports
  • Publish reports to the web in PDF & HTML
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